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Yogaspeak vs. Sciencespeak w/Thijs Beuming

Episode Summary

I speak with yogi and scientist Thijs Beuming about what "yogaspeak" sounds like to a scientist.

Episode Notes

In this episode, I take a moment in honor of Martin Luther King Day. I mention that I have a tradition of listening to his historic "I Have a Dream" speech, which can be found here. I mention this week's New Yorker cover, which can be seen here.

I then head to Times Square in Manhattan, to the office of Thijs Beuming, a professional scientist who wanted to deepen his yoga practice, so took 500-hours of yoga teacher training. Thijs has a love of yoga, but has some resistance to the way yoga teachers use scientific language in imprecise and even inaccurate ways. We have some fun figuring out how to walk the line between metaphor and fact. I hope it will help yoga teachers and be interesting to practitioners as well.

We mention Thijs's partner, Irina Kruzhilina, who teaches at ISHTA (and is quoted in my book Yoga for Artists).

And a last minute headline: Peter's Podcast is coming live to ISHTA Yoga February 15!

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