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Wendy's Yoga Story w/Wendy Newton and Jenny Bloom

Episode Summary

Today I talk with Wendy Newton about coming to yoga as a teenager and how it grew into a life focus. Then I catch up with Jenny Bloom and discuss the #metoo moment.

Episode Notes

Today on the podcast, I speak with Wendy Newton, my wife and a yoga master. Listeners have commented how much you like our breakfast table chats. I hope you like this one, too. I learned some fun new things about Wendy myself in this one as she shared her story of coming to yoga as a teenager! We mention Wendy's teachers Alan Finger and Heather Principe.

Then, I catch up with Jenny Bloom, and we talk about the #metoo moment in light of yoga insights. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m very excited to announce a summer retreat, led by Ulrica Norberg, Wendy Newton, and myself in Normandy, France this summer, August 14-18. It’s called Yoga and the Art of Living Creatively.
Details are available at

I’m also heading to the Caribbean for an Easter retreat with Petra Rakebrandt. Details will be coming soon.

I’m also teaching a Meditation Training with my own teacher Alan Finger and Sarah Finger, who appeared on a previous podcast. The meditation training is this Friday, December 15. I’m teaching a 300-hr teacher training at ISHTA in January. I also teach regular asana and meditation classes there. See for details.

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