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The Silence w/Heather Principe

Episode Summary

A conversation with yoga teacher, polarity therapist, and native wisdom holder Heather Principe.

Episode Notes

My friend Heather Principe has been described as a journey-woman of the old ways. She studied classical yoga and polarity therapy, which is based on yoga. She was chosen by Cree healer Don Cardinal to learn the tribe’s wisdom and the sweat lodge ceremony — a rare sharing with someone not born in the tribe. She is dedicated to teaching within the paradigm of the Four Directions and the Five Elements, and her work weaves these ancient teachings into a contemporary outlook on science, personal growth and society.

Heather founded The Yoga and Polarity Center in Malverne, New York. She served on the Board of the International Polarity Education Alliance and the International Polarity Board in Switzerland. She has taught at the International Seminary for Interfaith Studies, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Heather co-authored Ahimsa in Communication with Diana Slattery.

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