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From Yoga Teacher to Mother and Back w/Rebecca Oliveira

Episode Summary

Today I speak with Rebecca Oliveira about yoga after becoming a mom.

Episode Notes

Today I have a treat for myself and a lot of New York yogis. I got to speak with my former trainee and substitute teacher of choice, Rebecca Oliveira. Rebecca is a Mom, a beloved yoga teacher, and a weaver newly living in New Mexico.

Rebecca taught and practiced at ISHTA Yoga and Hosh Yoga and designed fabric for Calvin Klein while living in New York. She headed out West in 2016 and is now living in Albuquerque. We talk about her return to yoga practice and teaching after having a baby, and about living her yoga through motherhood.

I also ask Rebecca if she has any advice for teacher trainees and new teachers. If you're visiting Albuquerque, check for Rebecca's class at Dragonfly Yoga.

(We relied on an experimental internet connection to record, so please pardon the the audio irregularities.)

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