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Bonus! Incarnation Excerpt 5 plus Cheat Sheet

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This bonus is an excerpt from my novel, Incarnation

Episode Notes

This bonus is an excerpt from my novel, Incarnation and a Cliff Notes-style cheat sheet below in the notes. The book follows a journalist, an actor, a writer, and a programmer whose dreams and desires play out together on the global stage, again and again. Each time, they find meaning as they spin on life's mysterious wheel of fortune.

This is excerpt 5. I am also excerpting the Incarnation Cheat Sheet that lives on my website, below. You can find Incarnation, the book, at


Incarnation is, deliberately, a bit of a puzzle. For readers who linger with books until their memory gets fuzzy, or those who read the last page of a book first, or who like having the solution to a crossword puzzle handy, the following cheat sheet notes the relationships and pivotal moments of the incarnations in the novel. (Below, I include the cheat sheet for the entire chapter we're hearing excerpted. The whole cheat sheet is here.)

Chapter Two: Ryoko and Krishna

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