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Art, Music, and Yoga w/Lindsay Sanwald, a.k.a. Idgy Dean

Episode Summary

I speak with musician and yogi Lindsay Sanwald, a.k.a. Idgy Dean, about a wide range of topics from OM to muse.

Episode Notes

In this episode, I chat with Lindsay Sanwald. Known to her music fans as Idgy Dean, I know Lindsay as a yoga teacher and as part of a kirtan project, where we join forces to put a psych-rock vibe to traditional Sanskrit mantra.

We cover a lot of ground between the arts and yoga, including the way both serve as a "way" to help find one's purpose, or ISHTA devata — the energy that helps you experience the whole of who you really are.

We mention several artists in the episode, including:

We talk about my book, Yoga for Artists, and how yoga creates a path for tapping your muse as an artist.

Finally, we discuss the nature and value of mantra, including the sound Om, and how a mantra creates transformation.

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