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Actual Happiness and More w/Tania Van Pelt

Episode Summary

I talk with Tania Van Pelt of the Happiness Series, The Ageless Diet, and Practical Magic

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, I get to catch up with Tania Van Pelt. I met Tania in yoga class many years ago, and we bonded around writing and the arts. Tania decided to take her creative future into her own hands by becoming a producer, beginning with a web project she called “The Happiness Series.” I blogged a bit for the Happiness Series and have followed Tania’s work since.

Now a writer, producer, and content creator, Tania has become an expert on diet-related wellness. She is the author of The Ageless Diet: Your Fountain of Youth, and the related She empowers people to chart a course through the health and wellness noise and reimagine a life full of nourishment, sustainable vitality and fun. She is currently editing her second book, Sheet Cake Diet, an exploration into the links between depression and inflammation. She has also recently finished production on the first four episodes of her new web-based talk show, “Practical Magic.” It's a different kind of show, about the process of discovering the mystery behind the magic of the etheric, energetic realms. It features conversations with tarot masters, shamans, intuitive healers, psychics, and experts in the healing arts. It will be available on the Happiness Series and Ageless Diet web sites.

I spoke to Tania from her home in Denver. I hope you enjoy our chat.

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