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A Yogi's Guide to Dating w/Rachel Scott

Episode Summary

I speak with Rachel Scott, creator of yoga education programs and author of "Head Over Heals: A Yogi's Guide to Dating."

Episode Notes

Today I speak with yogini Rachel Scott. Rachel supports yoga teachers and studios in creating transformational educational experiences so that they can thrive in their business, share their passion, and inspire more people to practice yoga. Her knowledge and experience are extensive. She’s earned two master’s degrees, led over twenty teacher trainings, spent fifteen years in yoga studio management and created thousands of hours of curriculum. Author of Wit and Wisdom from the Yoga Mat and Head Over Heels: A Yogi’s Guide To Dating, she’s also raw, real, generous, and has a devilish sense of humour. You can find out more about Rachel at, on YouTube, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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